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Hi Petals,

With Mother Nature hitting us with whopping 41℃ there is no hiding from the fact that summer is now officially here to stay for the next couple of months ☼!!
Now I am not a fan of scorching heat at the best of times and I hate the fact that your makeup seems to melt right off your face. To tackle my first-world problems I have a few tips and tricks. A survival kit if you will to help me live through the next few scorching months.

Slip, Slop, Slap
Suncream is a must her in Australia when summer arrives. Suncream helps with premature signs of ageing and obviously helps ward off unwanted skin cancer. I am so pale that I run the risk of sunburn walking from my house to my car - joys of Scottish skin -. So my rendition of the Cancer Council's sun protection Slip, Slop, Slap campaign; 
Slip on a shirt on some sandals
Slop on some 30+ suncream and
Slap on a hat on a bright lippie!

Hydrate Your Skin
Water is another summer essential here in Australia. De-hydration is not a good look on anyone and the health concerns with de-hydration don't look too flattering either. Aim to drink at least 1 litre of water a day. 

Crank Some Colours
Spring and Summer mean bright colours and beautiful prints. I don't personally wear ridiculous amounts of bright colours but I do paint my nails in vivid colours. Something as simple as a pop of colour on your nails can brighten any outfit. 

Up-do's are a Girl's Best Friend 
I have waist length hair and I personally cannot think of anything worse than having long hair sticky to your arms and what not. I am a big fan of messy up-do's - which can obviously be worn all year round - and in the summery months it gives you an almost beachy look.

Keep Makeup to a Minimal
There is nothing worse than your makeup visibly running off your face in the hotter weather and to combat this I opt for a light coverage - but enough to cover any imperfections - that doesn't feel to heavy on my skin. My number one choice would have to be Rimmel's BB cream 9-in1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup (review here), this is definitely my go to summer foundation and I love it. I don't put too much powder on and I use minimal blush with a hint of bronzer. Pop on some summery lip colours and I'm all set. Easy, no fuss, beautiful makeup!! I always have a lip balm with SPF in my makeup bag and a lip stain / balm stain for those days I don't want lipstick and a gloss.

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