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Hey Petals,

So I thought I would do my first Review for you all today. I have heard so much about this product and I finally succumbed to the temptation and bought it. So I purchased my Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque (100 ml / 3.3 fl. oz.) here for $14.80 with free delivery about two months ago. I do know however that you can buy it in Woolworths but it is much more expensive.
So I am very skeptical when I comes to putting anything in my hair. Usually anything - and I mean anything - I put in my hair makes it go super oily - like fry your eggs oily - and weighs my hair down terribly. But I had read and heard so many great reviews about the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque, I had to try it out.
When I saw it on BeautyBay I had to order it and from memory it took about 2 - 2.5 weeks to get to me - in Australia - but that didn't phase me. It smells lovely and I love the fact it's in a squeeze bottle - I prefer them for in the shower and bath -, it makes it so much easier for me to use. It has quite a pleasant, subtle smell - which I loved - and a little seems to go quite a long way. I have quite long hair and I don't need to use substantial amounts of the product to distribute it evenly throughout the ends of my hair.
So I shampooed and conditioned my hair as normal - I cannot, not condition my hair even if I am putting a masque in it - and distributed the cream through my hair, from where you would normally place a ponytail, and used a shampoo brush to ensure it was even, leaving it in my hair for about ten minutes. I then rinsed it out like normal and I felt a difference in my hair straight away, it felt super soft - while it was wet and before I had done anything to it -.

After getting out the shower and towel drying my hair I took a wide toothed comb through it and to my astonishment their were no tangles ! ! ! Now I have the worst hair for tangling - the top half dries curly and the bottom half dries straight = disaster - but not this time. My comb easily glided through my hair with only the odd few tangles, a big thumbs up for me.

I then went ahead and blow-dried my hair and I was so impressed by how my hair looked and felt. It felt so silky smooth, super shiny and HEALTHY. I couldn't help but continuously run my fingers through it - the  tangles were still there, but not half as bad as normal -.
I love this product and what makes it better is that it is paraben & alcohol free. This is now a holy grail item for me. I use it once a week as I only wash my hair about three times a week. However I still shampoo & condition before I use it and I really feel that combing it through my hair makes all the difference.

I would highly recommend this product!! I will definitely be repurchasing this bad boy as I am now quite reluctant to dabble in something new.

I am aware that BeautyBay sells a 30ml sample size for $4.80 with free shipping if you are apprehensive about buying a larger sized product.

What is your Hair Saviour? Let me know if you have used this product and how it went for you! Is there anything else you have found that is better?

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