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Hey Petals,

Brand Watch, is something I love to read/watch. The idea being that either you or me pick a brand and I will post as much information as I can on the brand. Even if I do not currently own any products from the brand I LOVE discovering new brands and looking into them in order to see what sort of products they use.

So this week I am going to discuss the brand Essence.

Essence is a German produced makeup line that was launched in 2002 - I can't believe we are only just getting it recently :0 -. The company claims to offer a large range of quality cosmetics - face, eye, lip, nail & accessories - at a low and affordable cost. Essence stock a range of products that are believed to be
- on trend -
- offer great coverage -
- smooth textures -
- easy to apply and blend -

Essence are against any sort of animal testing, a definite thumbs up in my opinion and do not allow suppliers to produce products that are tested on animals.

There is a full ingredients PDF available on the website of all the ingredients used in each of their products.

I picked up my first Essence product a fair few months ago as it was cheap and I only thought I would use it once or twice - so wrong -, and now I'm hooked. I cannot believe the quality of their products especially at the prices they are sold for - especially when they are on clearance -.

So I own a few products from this brand and I used them all frequently.

My Products

Mattifying Compact Powder - 07 Translucent $5.35
Good at keeping me matte and setting my undereye concealer however it is not overly long lasting
Silky Touch Blush - 30 Secret It-Girl $4.25
One of my favourite blushes. A really nice everyday peachy blush I use it so much!!

Eyebrow Stylist Set $4.25
I use the lighter colour & it matches my hair nicely. Fills my brows without making them  look fake
Sun Club Glamour To Go Eyeshadow Palette - 02 Long Beach $5.95
Nice shimmer colours, but the first 2 are not very pigmented, you really need to pack the colour on.

Shimmer Effect Eyeshadows $2.85 
58 Cappuccino, Please! 
64 - Greyhound
66 - Peppermint Ice Cream
68 - Strawberry Ice Cream
I use the cappuccino & greyhound colour a lot and I don't find them to crease or fade quickly. I love the consistency too, they just feel so creamy and buttery :).

All Eyes On Me Multi-Effect Mascara - 01 Soft Black $3.50
Nice everyday mascara without needing a million coats :D. 


52 In The Nude $1.75

01 Frosted $1.75
Really like the formula of these however I do feel like I need to re-apply a bit more that I would like
Stay With Me Longlasting Lipgloss 
01 Me & My Icecream

10 Pretty Witty
FANTASTIC! I adore these lip glosses and they do last quite a while on my lips. I use them nearly everyday :D

XXXL Shine Lipgloss - 04 Rising Star $2.95
This is a really pretty colour (doesn't show up too great below). I use it if I don't feel like lipstick but want just a sweep of colour and again, this lasts quite a while on my lips.


Colour & Go Nailpolish $2.75
126 Date In The Moonlight, 
146 That's What I Mint!
Nail Art Express Dry Drops $3.50
The nailpolishes are beautiful colours - very me - however I find they chip super quick :(. I do find most nailpolishes on me chip super fast so it might just be my nails.

The Dry Drops are great - definitely do what they claim to - however they leave a really oily residue behind, which I am not a big fan of. But they save me having to sit forever waiting on my nails drying :).

I personally really enjoy using Essence products and the price just makes it better. As most of you will know makeup is super expensive here in Australia so to find an affordable brand that has good quality really made my day :D. I buy all of my Essence products from Priceline but I do believe they are available in Target also.

I would definitely recommend Essence. I feel they make wonderful everyday products without the massive price tag of some other brands and the do such a similar job. They do not seem to last as long as some up-market brands - look at the price difference - however if you just want some decent everyday makeup definitely check them out :).

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  1. I love Essence eyebrow stylist! I also use the lighter shadow, and wet my angled brush before applying! Does wonders for my very fair (non-existent) brows :)

    1. I never even thought of wetting my brush lol, I'll need to try that one :). I am brunette but I feel that when I use the darker colours they look overly noticeable :)



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