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Hello Petals,

I have been on the prowl to find a skincare routine I am happy with, which is still a work in progress :/. There are just soooo many products out there I get so confused when trying to decide haha, but as soon as I have found one I am sure works for me I will let you all know :). I never used to remove my makeup before going to bed - I know, I know - but now that I have beautiful white bedsheets that is no longer an option - see what I did there -. So I had been scouting for a good, non-oily makeup remover when I watched Dulce Candy's "My Night Time Skin Care Routine Video" and she used a basic cleansing lotion, so I gave it a try.

 I have the Simple Kind to Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion as I have super sensitive skin and I am wary when it comes to new products.

The cleansing lotion comes in a pretty Average Joe style white bottle with a screw on cap. It is a squeeze bottle, whichI am not a fan of. When I have any sort of product or lotion smeared all over my hands I don't want to be faffing around trying to screw the lid on. The packaging seems to be quite sturdy and the simpleness of the packaging I find quite appealing - for a Drugstore Brand anyway - except the fact that it ends up looking tattered and old with it being white. 
"Smile, it's Simple. Our Purifying Cleansing Lotion is a perfect blend of active ingredients and vitamin goodness to gently cleanse drier skin keeping it smooth and softened. Perfect for even sensitive skin." 

Pro-Vitamin B - to actively restore, soften and smooth
Bisabolol - soothes and calms
Allantoin - softens and protects
No perfumes or colours

I apply the lotion onto a dry face whilst my makeup is still on. I rub in circular motions leaving my eyes and lips until last. I find it feels lovely and soft on the skin while it removes every inch of makeup - even my waterproof mascaras - without burning my eyes. I love that this just smears over your face and with only a few rub-a-dub-dubs on the eyes the makeup is gone. I find that even with makeup remover wipes I still feel I have to be quite rough on my eyes - something I really try to avoid -, and we don't need to be aiding in the wrinkle process now, do we?

It is a smooth and creamy consistency without feeling super heavy on the skin. I prefer lotions and creams to oils as I feel oils really do weigh down my face - and I hate looking like a big grease-ball haha -.

The lotion is a basic, run of the mill white cream.

Not Applicable for this product.

This product cost me $9.99 from Priceline which is fairly decent considering a little goes a long way. I have been using mine every night for about 2 months and I still have about a quarter left. 

I really love this product!! It is not often I can buy a product and use it on my eyes without feeling like I am burning them from the inside. It is such a soft, gentle, creamy product that I am able to use it twice a day if I want to - I use a different cleanser in the mornings - and it's not common for be to be able to say that. My skin is so temperamental and sensitive that this is a holy grail product for me.
 I will definitely continue repurchasing this item. It has never been so easy to remove my makeup - even with my wipes -.

What cleansers or makeup removers do you love? Do you have any other recommendations? Let me know in the comments below :)!!

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  1. I love Simple's range as I too have sensitive skin! I find No7 cleanser to be really good, I'm not sure they have that brand where you live?


    1. Yeah it is a great brand. I know I loved No7 when I lived back in the UK. But I struggle to find it here. I'm sure u can get it but I haven't found it yet lol




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