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Hi Petals,

I hopped on the Coconut Oil bandwagon quite a while ago and I now use it everyday.
Whatever the issue ... coconut oil it lol :).
It has been shown that coconut oil has many beauty and health benefits and I have been slowly but surely attempting to try most of the tips I have read out, and believe you me. I will still be attempting to finish this list long after I'm dead and gone. There are just so many benefits and uses for coconut oil.

So I have a small list for you to have a squiz through - there are just toooo many benefits to list here.      

  1. Slather the oil all over the bottoms of your feet and pop them in some nice cosy socks. Slip off to the land of nod ... and VOILA super soft moisturized feet the next day - no need to neglect those babies any longer 
  2. Put in the ends of your hair and put up for approx. 30 minutes. Wash your hair normally with shampoo and conditioner. This leaves your hair feeling super soft. Make sure you avoid the crown or you will have one big hot, greasy mess
  3. Mix the oil with dishwashing liquid and a little water and there you have it, instant DIY makeup brush cleaner :).
  4. For those colder wintery months try applying coconut oil to your elbows, knees & heels. It works as a great intensive moisturiser
  5. Apply to cuticles as a cuticle softener
  6. Pop some oil onto a cotton pad and it doubles as an all natural makeup remover
  7. Lather the oil onto your legs - or wherever else you want to shave -. The coconut oil softens the hair follicle allowing for a much closer shave, whilst reducing the likelihood of cutting yourself. This little tip also allows you to shave wet or dry
  8. Add to sugar & honey for an exfoliating DIY facial 
  9. Add to your bath for added moisture  
  10. When tweezing eyebrows apply to  brows before hand to help soften the hair follicle making it easier to pluck those pesky hairs out.
Do you have any more Coconut Oil beauty secrets? Would you like another post with another list of benefits? Let me know in the comments below!

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