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Hi Petals

Day #3 of 24 Days of Christmas - The Christmas Challenge

When / How did you learn Santa wasn't real?

I actually remember this one vividly - I remember being totally devastated that that big, fat, jolly old man wasn't real :(. I remember feeling annoyed at my parents for lying to me, but I think I just didn't want to believe them when they eventually told me. To this day I love seeing kids get so excited for St Nick to come down their chimney or through their letter box.

I remember the year I eventually found out about Santa not being real some of the kids in my class had made some comments, a lot of us still believed at this point. When I would ask my parents they would convince me he was real once again - I now appreciate how hard that can be -.

I was the little girls who used to panic every Christmas Eve incase Santa flew by cause I was still awake and I would really try and will myself to sleep. 
One year, when I was about six or seven I had ran downstairs for a drink and when I walked in the living room there was presents underneath the tree and Santa's milk had been drunk and his biscuit had been half eaten, as well as rudolph's carrot being gone. I heard my parent's through in the kitchen and before they could hear my I ran as quickly and quietly as I could back up the stairs into my bed. 
At first I couldn't make sense of what I had saw and I tossed and turned trying to get off to sleep. 
I remember Mum and Dad trying so hard not to finally spill on who was really Santa but when they eventually told me they said not to tell David (my wee brother) because he still believed. Having to pretend the first year was hard but every year after I loved seeing how excited he got when he knew Santa would be dropping by and it was definitely one of my favourite things about Christmas and I loved Christmas if not for that reason - but shh, don't tell him that haha -.

When and how did you learn about Santa? Leave your experience and stories in the comments below!

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