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Hi Petals,

I know we all love the feeling of a freshly cleansed clean face!! But are we all doing it properly? I am here to give you some tips to get the best out of your daily cleanse. With only a few little tips you will have a soft, baby bum smooth face!!

  1. Spend at least one minute massaging your cleanser into the face before letting it sit on the skin for another minute. I love my St Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub (review here) and my Simple Kind to Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion (review here)
  2. Avoid over cleansing. Some people may feel the need to cleanse twice a day, whereas others may only need to cleanse once a day. It's all about trial and error and do what your skin needs.
  3. Double cleanse!! Especially if you have been wearing make-up. If your cleanser acts as a make-up remover it is not enough!! I use my Simple * as my makeup remover also, but I apply it after removing my make-up to ensure I am actually cleansing my face. This is a great technique for all of my oily babettes out there, or for those of us living in hotter climates.
  4. Don't expose your face to hot water too quick, it is not great for your skin. Instead opt for cupping hot water in your hands and splashing it onto your face before jumping in a hot shower.
  5. After you have finished your cleansing regime splash your face with cool water - not overly cold -. This will aid in closing your pores, preventing all of the nasties getting into your freshly cleansed face.
  6. Pat your face dry - do NOT rub !! - with a face towel, which will help with circulation. Rubbing is too harsh for the sensitive skin on your face.
What are your favourite cleansers? Leave a comment below!

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