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Considering last weeks Tip Tuesday was all about Complimenting Your Eyes with Colour Theory , it only made sense I should stick with the eye area, hence the idea for Today's Tip Tuesday. Eyeliner is by no manner of means the easiest part of the makeup application process, well for me anyway. I am a total sucker for a winged eyeliner, if I don't have a wing I feel totally naked.

But winged eyeliner is definitely not for everyone out there. It might not be what you like or it may just be that it doesn't suit your eye type and that's where I come in.

There are numerous different eye shapes out there, it's one of the characteristics that make us all look different. If you know your eye shape, not only your eyeliner but also your eyeshadow, application and the placement of your eyeshadow will not be as daunting and will help you to emphasise your features so they look totally beautiful.

Round Eyes:
Round eyes tend to be wide and large. When you look straight ahead if you can see white above and below your iris then you most probably have round eyes.
Eyeliner application - Apply liner on the upper lash line from where the iris starts through to your outer corner. To elongate your eyes and give more of an almond shape opt for a winged look.
Celebrity Inspiration 

Zooey Deschanel - Round Eyes
[Source: Celebeat]
Almond Eyes:
Deemed by most to be the ideal eye shape. Those of you with almond eyes will notice that if you look straight ahead your iris will extend above and below your lids. Quite simply, your eyes look like the almond nut.
Eyeliner application - Wing it girl!! Most people when applying the shadow and liner try to make their eyes look like yours. Use a wing when lining as it will totally compliment your eye shape and emphasise the curve of your eye. Thin lines for small eyes and thick lines for big eyes.
Celebrity Inspiration 
Angelina Jolie - Almond Eyes
[Source: Inside Hollywood]

Small Eyes:
The way to determine if you have small eyes is to look at them in comparison to the rest of you facial features (nose and mouth) and if they don't look as though they are proportional sized then they are small. You may also notice that the space between the inner corner of the lashes and brow bone is short.
Eyeliner application - Thinly line the top lash line and pop a tiny bit of liner to the outermost corner of your bottom lash line, just to give your eye some shape. Avoid dark liner on the bottom lash line, try using a nude liner. My favourite is the Rimmel Scandal'Eyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner in Nude. Definitely pack on liner in the upper waterline to make the lashes look super thick.
Celebrity Inspiration 
Taylor Swift - Small Eyes
[Source: E! Online
Big Eyes:
As above, look at your eyes compared to the rest of your face. Do they look proportionally bigger? If yes, then you have big eyes.
Eyeliner application - Perfect for those of you who like experimenting with lots of different eyeliner looks. It is totally fine for you lucky ladies to line your top and bottom lash line fully and it will still not make your eyes look tiny.
Celebrity Inspiration 
Mila Kunis - Big Eyes
[Source: People]
Close-Set Eyes:
If you look at the gap between your eyes and you cannot fit another eye in the space then your eyes are close-set.
Eyeliner application - Darken up the outer corner and avoid putting liner near the inner corner or it can make your eyes look smaller and even closer together. Try working from thin to thick on that top lash line and extend your liner past your outer corner.
Celebrity Inspiration
Jennifer Aniston - Close-Set Eyes
[Source: Deadline]
Wide-Set Eyes:
As above, if you can fit another eye and a wee bit more then you have wide-set eyes.
Eyeliner application - Darken up that inner corner. Start your liner right in at your tear duct area and avoid extending your liner past your outer corner.
Celebrity Inspiration 
Brandy - Wide-Set Eyes
[Source: Fashion Bomb Daily]
Deep-Set Eyes:
If you have deep set eyes they are set into your skull and when you open your eyes the space between the your lashes and brown bone recedes. People with deep-set eyes tend to have a more prominent looking brow bone.
Eyeliner application - Try to avoid smudging your liner looks and you also want to avoid thick liner on your lash line. Opt for a thin line and keep it as close to the lash line as possible instead. Try also only liner the outer portion of the lash line. Same principal for your bottom lash line.
Celebrity Inspiration 
Kim Kardashian - Deep-Set Eyes
[Source: E! Online]
Prominent Eyes:
Prominent eyes protrude from the eye socket therefore the majority of the eyelid is visible.
Eyeliner application - Line the eye with a thick line from inner to outer corner. This will give the illusion of your eyes appearing a little smaller than they actually are.
Celebrity Inspiration
Nicole Richie - Prominent Eyes
[Source: Healthy Celeb]
Those of you with monolids will tend to have a less defined brow bone. Your eyelids will be flat and have very little to no crease.
Eyeliner application - Line your lash line thin to thick from the inner to outer corners respectively. Monolids, just like those of you with big eyes are great for experimenting with unconventional liner looks. So make the most of it girl.
Celebrity Inspiration 
Lucy Liu - Monolid
[Source: Yahoo News]
Hooded Lids:
This type of lid is when your eyelid actually droops down over your crease she you open your eyes. Those with hooded lids tend to have eyes that look smaller, purely because the folding of the lid.
Eyeliner application - Due to your eyes being made look smaller we want to make them appear bigger. Start by applying the liner to your waterline, which in turn makes your lashes look fuller, and make sure you really thicken up the outer corner.
Celebrity Inspiration
Jennifer Lawrence - Hooded Eyes
[Source: InStyle]

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