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Hi My Loves,

Much to my excitement, i have recently purchased a vanity unit for myself, from Ikea obviously. However whilst going through the process of sorting out all my makeup and organising and putting it away the way I want, I have noticed a little bit of a colour obssession happening.

I am quite obsessed with the nudey pink colours at the moment.
I just find them very flattering and great for everyday wear regardless of season. 
I never used to be a nude lip colour kinda person. I always thought they washed me out, but these colour are fantastic. 
They are great for anyone, who like me is pale, who is looking for a my lips but better kind colour.

Not too much and not too little - Perfect !

M.A.C - Brave ($36)
Get the look:
E.L.F. - Studio matte lip color in Natural ($8)
          Light pink, great for a 'my lips but better' look
M.A.C - Satin lipstick in Snob ($36) 
          Light, neutral pink
M.A.C - Satin lipstick in Brave ($36) - pictured above
          Muted, pink, beige
M.A.C - Cremesheen lipstick in Peach Blossom ($36) 
          Frosted, cool-toned, nude
M.A.C - Cremesheen lipstick in Creme Cup ($36) 
          Light, blue-toned pink, nude.
Revlon - Colorburst matte balm in '205' Elusive ($14.99)
          Cool-toned pink

Any suggestions on everyday wearable colours for paler skin?
Let me know!

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