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Hi My Loves,

This weeks Tip Tuesday is something I definitely use regularly. I suffer from the frizz monster like so many of you out there and I absolutely hate it. However I have found a solution using basic hairspray and something many of you may not have thought about. The hairspray I reach for time and time again is no doubt the TRESemmé Styling Hairspray Extra Hold.

TRESemmé Styling Hairspray Extra Hold 360 g - $7.99
[Source: Priceline]

Now using hairspray to help tame frizz is a bit of a hit and miss. If you do not use enough it doesn't quite do much. However if you use too much you end up with that horrible untouchable hair that crunches - definitely not attractive -.  

Fear no more ladies and gents the answer to your frizziness dilemma is simple, just pull out your ... toothbrush. Yes you read that right my loves, a toothbrush!
Oral B All Rounder Fresh Clean Toothbrush, Soft - $2.99
[Source: Priceline]
Believe it or not by spraying some hairspray on your toothbrush, obviously not a toothbrush you actually brush your teeth with - a clean spare one is ideal - you can use the toothbrush to brush over any of those nasty fly aways. This will ensure those little frizzy pieces will be kept in place all day without the hard hair.

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