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Hiya Petals,

I have a really exciting Target haul for you all that I have been meaning to get up here since last week but there just hasn't seemed to be enough hours in the day. Especially with Scott's birthday this week - I get more excited about his birthday than he does haha -.

If you have been following me for a while, you would have seen my recent post on NYX launching in Australia at Target - needless to say I got a bit carried away - and after purchasing a few items I had to go back and pick up a few more, so let's have a look at what I picked up...
Love in Paris Madeleines and Macaroons Eyeshadow Palette - $16.95
I adore the names of the palettes in this collection, if you haven't seen the others have a look here. They also carry a Love in Florence and Love in Rio collection. 
This is a beautiful little on-the-go palette comes with a mini foam applicator (not that I ever use them). Great for popping in your handbag for a quick touch up during the day. 
It has very simplistic packaging but a mirror instead of a clear panel would have been more convenient - but for a tenner I'm not complaining - and it has the most adorable little bow detailing on the clasp. Offering an array of 9 neutral shadows.

1st Row (L-R) Matte ivory // Matte Dark Brown // Shimmery sand
2nd Row (L-R) Cool toned dark brown // Shimmery gold // Shimmery warm reddish brown
3rd Row (L-R) Peach // Medium orange tan // Light pink
It has a nice mix of cool and warm colours giving you the option a neutral everyday eye and a more smokey look. Can't wait to play with this a bit more.
Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (currently out of stock) - $9.95
This is another product I have been lusting after, but it was always sold out online, so as soon as I saw it I didn't even question it. This works wonders as an eyeshadow base as well as a highlighter (brow, inner tear-duct and under-eye) and it has so many uses, I love it. It has such a creamy consistency and applies super smooth I don't know how I lived without it in my life.
Powder Blush in Dirty Rose - $9.95
A beautiful dusty pink colour - just as the name suggests - that I think will give a subtle hint of colour whilst still looking fairly natural on the face, giving a subtle just pinched effect. Perfect for summer :).
Retractable Lip Liner in Nude Pink - $9.95
Now when it comes to putting makeup up I am quite a perfectionist, however the one thing I consistently fail to do is line my lips - I know, I know -, so when I saw this beautiful colour I had to have it in my hot little hands. I have been loving pinky nude lips at the moment and this just stood out like a sore thumb. The fact that it retractable was a massive thumbs up for me, I hate sharpening my pencils but I have discovered a little secret (think I have next weeks Tip Tuesday figured out).
Butter Glosses L-R; Strawberry Parfait // Eclair // Peaches & Cream // Apple Strudel // Cherry Pie - $9.95 each
I am so glad I found these. This is another product - along with the jumbo eye pencil - I have been hunting down for the longest time and everywhere was always sold out, but now I know why. These are the nicest lip glosses I think I have ever owned. They apply just like butter and do not leave the lips super sticky. Since purchasing these items I have been wearing them almost daily. These look beautiful whether worn alone or popped over the top of a lippie.

I could not believe how inexpensive the products were, compared to other 'drugstore' makeup brands here in Australia. I thought that being an American brand it would be fairly expensive - like everything else with their import fees and what not -. For the price of the items the quality is fantastic, definitely pleased that NYX is more accessible in Australia now, I just don't think my bank account is :).

Would you like a review on any of the products mentioned above? Have you tried any of them? Let me know in the comments below!

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