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Hi My Loves,

If used effectively, makeup does a fantastic job at enhancing your natural features and one of my favourite features to accentuate is the eyes. However this does not have to be a difficult task. A really quick and easy way of brightening the eye without too much effort is by using shadows that compliment your eye colour.

You want to use shadows that are complimentary to that of your eye colour as it makes the eyes really pop and sparkle. When talking about complimentary colours I am referring to those colours which lie opposite each other on a colour wheel (i.e. pink and green). In pairing complimentary colours you are creating a dramatic contrast of colour therefore giving a much more striking effect.
If you are unsure as to which complimentary colour to use grab a colour wheel like the one above. I have one of these in with my makeup so if I am ever pondering which colours to mix I break it out and it just gives you that little bit of inspiration without having to really think about what to do.

When applying your shadow, to really enhance your eye colour use the colour directly opposite as shown below. Therefore if you have blue eyes opt for coppers. If you have brown eyes opt for navy colours. If you have green eyes opt for purple colours - a trick I use all too often - and so forth.
Colour Theory can be quite difficult to understand and come to terms with. If you would like to me to do a post pure on the basics of colour theory in terms of makeup application just let me know :).
What are your tips and tricks to make your best features pop?

Let me know!

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