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A cleanser is used to surround, loosen and make it easier to remove any dirt build up, debris and excess oils on your face. Unfortunately some cleansers can be harmful to the skin. A lot of people suffer from dry skin due to their cleansing routine, without actually having dry skin. Often people do not feel that their face is clean unless it feels tight and dry after washing and I will hold my hands up to this one I used to be terrible for this, however lately I have switched to cleansers that leave my face supple. 

So what cleanser should you use?

There are numerous types of cleanser and it can be overwhelming if you don't familiarise yourself with your options.

Bar soaps
Neutrogena Naturals Face & Body Bar $3.99 
By far the most irritating of all cleansers and are generally not recommended for use on the face. Bar soaps have a tendency to completely strip the skin and are fairly drying.
          For those of you who are oily, finding a gentle bar soap is an alternative as bar soaps are more suited for oily skin. However I would advise to steer clear of bar soaps in general.

Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar $7.69
Syndets are a form of soap-free cleanser. They are usually a sensitive formula and have lower pH than traditional bar soaps, as mentioned above, therefore they are less likely to cause irritations to the skin and they may sometimes contain a moisturiser. This type of cleanser is not recommended for those with oily skin as they are not necessarily effective at removing excess sebum and oils from the skin.

Liquid cleansers 
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water $12.99
These cleansers are great for cleaning every skin type with the exception of oily skin. Liquid soaps clean the skin without stripping it of it's protective lipids. Skin surface lipids are a mix of sebum and keratinocyte, which protect the skin from many environmental factors. Liquid cleansers are effective in removing makeup and light build-up and tend to be less thick than cream and gel cleansers.
         I have a full review here.

Foaming cleansers
Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser $11.69 
Foaming cleansers can be drying on the skin, therefore they are more suited to those who are oily, fellow dry ladies beware. When using a foaming cleanser you do not need a lot of product, hence why foaming cleansers usually last the longest. Foaming cleansers can come in both gel and cream form, however no matter how gentle the product claims to be it is still drying to the skin and may irritate those with dry or sensitive skin. Cream foaming cleansers contain emollients (which aid in smoothing and softening the skin) in turn making them much less stripping than there gel counterparts.

Non-foaming cleansers 
Simple Kind to Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion $6.99
Non-Foaming Cleansers typically come in gel or lotion form and are marketed for those with skin irritations or problems such as eczema and sensitive skin. Non-Foaming cleansers are able to be washed off with some water and have a tendency to leave a film on the skin, something I am definitely not a fan of. 
          I have a full review of this cleanser here.

Cream cleansers 
Kora Cream Cleanser $44.95
Cream Cleansers are rich and hydrating and are the perfect option for those with normal, dry or sensitive skin. Cream cleansers are also inclusive of balm, milk and mousse cleansers. This type of cleanser gently dissolves makeup and any build-up on the face, whilst moisturising your skin in the process.

Gel cleansers 
Gel cleansers are recommended for those with combination to oily skin and are usually cool and refreshing. Gel cleansers foam lightly in order to lather away and dirt and grime on the face. They are soap and oil free allowing them to do what is required without over drying the skin.

I hope this helps !
What cleanser do you use?

Let me know below!

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