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"A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting."
- Christian Dior
With the new year arriving and the changing of the seasons, not only are our wardrobes changing so are our fragrances of choice.

There is nothing I find more attractive than someone who smells amazing. I have a few scents that I gravitate towards in the hotter months. They are absolutely stunning and have become definite must haves for me leading into the summer months.

I have avoided discontinued lines, so every fragrance mentioned is still readily available and can still be purchased at a variety of different retailers. So, without further ado my top six picks for beautiful summer fragrances this year have to be:

Brit Sheer by Burberry 
Floral-Fruity EDT launched in 2007

Burberry is such an iconic brand and is well known for its luxurious quality items and that is no different when it comes to their fragrances. This fragrance, although launching in 2007 is a fairly recent find for me and I only wish I had come across it sooner.
The nose behind Burberry's Brit Sheer and her only Burberry branded fragrance is Émilie Coppermann.
Burberry's Brit Sheer is a beautiful, light, floral-fruity fragrance designed with the most beautiful combination of notes. The pineapple leaf and mandarin orange give it that beautiful, fruity, carefree vibe and when combined with the white musk it gives the fragrance an ever so slight muskiness without being overpowering.
I find myself gravitating towards Brit Sheer on warmer than usual days when I want something super light and fresh that will not smell insipid or too much in warmer temperatures.

Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs 
Floral-Fruity EDT launched in 2014

I had never really been a fan of Marc Jacobs fragrances. I had always thought the bottles were absolutely adorable but could never understand the hype about the scents. That was until I smelled Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream. The minute I first caught whiff of this fragrance I fell in love with it and just knew it was a fragrance I had to have in my collection.
Daisy Dream has an air of elegance and femininity, a beautiful, fresh interpretation of the iconic Marc Jacobs Daisy. Daisy Dream was designed with the intention of being a more sophisticated, ethereal version of Daisy. Marc Jacobs did a wonderful job in creating an absolutely stunning fragrance that is definitely a staple for me.
Daisy Dream screams summer to me and is absolute perfection wrapped up in the most adorable glass bottle. It is a beautiful scent that I find it subtle enough that it is perfect for warmer weather whilst being strong enough for others to be able to smell it.

Ghost by Ghost
Floral-Fruity EDP launched in 2000
Again, another older fragrance but another staple for me. Ghost is a fragrance that I have found myself continually reaching for since moving to Australia in 2003. 
The nose behind this stunning scent is Michel Almairac. Not only famous for being the nose behind some of the most beautiful Burberry fragrances but also Chloe
Ghost is hands down, without a doubt, one of my all time favourite fragrances for the warmer temperatures and I could not imagine my perfume collection without this fragrance in it. Ghost is a beautiful, understated, soft, feminine scent with floral and musk tones to it. These scents tend to be the kind of fragrances I am most drawn to and find myself gravitating towards nine times out of ten.

Oriental Floral EDT launched in 2010
This pick is most definitely an oldie but a goodie if you ask me.
Launching back in late 2010 I fell in love with this fragrance and had actually forgot how much I adored it until rather recently. Gucci's Guilty is the most beautiful, warmer scent exuding sexiness and confidence whilst still being wearable for me and I absolutely adore it.
I tend to find myself reaching for Guilty mostly if I'm heading out somewhere and I want my fragrance to be noticeable. This tends to be one of my night-time picks for scents but I have found myself reaching for it more days than none of late and wearing it throughout the day.

Eternity Now by Calvin Klein 
Sparkling Floral EDP launched in 2015

Ann Gottlieb is the nose behind this stunning scent. A rather new fragrance only launching in July last year. With the most classy and beautiful notes Eternity Now oozes sophistication and classiness for me.
When I smell this baby I think flowers, beautiful gardens and feeling free. It just screams sophistication and elegance with a hint of sweetness. Not so sweet as to cause a headache and not too musky that I feel it's too old for me to pull of, a perfect, subtle, beautiful mix.

Princess by Vera Wang 
Oriental-Floral EDT launched in 2006

This is another fragrance I find works really well on my skin and I reach for time and time again. Every time I wear this scent people continuously comment on it or ask me what I'm wearing so this is another must have for me and I mean the bottle is just so damn cute too.
The notes in this perfume make it smell young and fresh but without the sickly sweet scent you typically find in fragrances aimed at younger generations.
Princess, essentially, for me is femininity, young, fresh sweetness wrapped up in a beautiful heart shaped container.


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