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Hiya Petals,

Happy Monday :). Well another week has begun and with Monday being my least favourite day of the week a nice wee mani always helps cheer me up. Now I know it is coming into summer here in Australia but I love my autumn style polishes and colours. I love almost vampy looking nails - all year round if necessary - and summer is my least favourite season - it's just too hot here lol - but I though I would try and get into the summer feel so I avoided super dark colours.

Instead I opted for a sort of purpley greyish look that still looks like a winter polish but is bright enough to pull off in the hotter weather. My Choice = Essie Chinchilly, teamed up with Essie A Cut Above and I think I may be in love.

These are the first 2 Essie polishes i have ever owned, as they have just recently started selling them in my local Priceline - YAY !!- and I am so very impressed. Definitely shall be purchasing more of these babies :). They apply super easy and dry seamlessly - definitely a staple to any polish lovers collection -!!

Chinchilly is a slate grey colour with a hint of purple, which is a colour I have been searching for, for a while now. When applying it for the first time it went on easily enough but it looked as though it would dry streaky, which worried me a little. However after letting the colour settle on my nail it dried seamlessly and without any brush lines.

For my accent nail I went with Essie A Cut Above which is a pinky almost rose gold glitter polish and I absolutely adore it :). On its first application there didn't seem to be much glitter pay-off, but when it dried it was just enough.

For this look I applied my holy grail Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Hardener as my base coat followed by 2 coats of Essie Chinchilly to every nail except my ring finger. I then popped on 2 coats of Essie A Cut Above onto my ring finger as my accent nail. This was then followed by a coat of The Face Shop Top Coat and topped off with 2 drops of my Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops to quicken the drying process.

What Essie colours would you recommend? What are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Exciting i'll be checking my local priceline for Essie now :)

    1. I know I was so excited when I saw the stand :).

      Make sure you let me know if you rack them down and what colours you got :). Definitely expanding my collection :). xx



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