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11:01 am

Hi Petals,

Day #7 of 24 Days of Christmas - The Christmas Challenge

What is your most memorable Christmas?

I have so many fond Christmas memories before immigrating to Australia, but now it doesn't feel as much like Christmas :( hence why I definitely go overboard haha.
I will always remember all of us sitting around my Gran's dining table with my Mum's side of the family - we did this every single year - and I loved it!! I used to hate leaving Gran's to head on over to Granny's to spend Christmas Night with Dad's family at the T.A.C.T hall. After we got there my cousins and I would have such a great time running a muck :).
Every year we would open our presents at home, play for a little while then have a nap. After we all got cleaned up we would head on over to my Gran's - who lived literally a two minute walk from our house - and open our presents before sitting down to a massive Christmas dinner - there were 11 of us at the table at Christmas - and this is where we would spend the majority of our day before our food comas kicked in. I always remembered everyone being so totally at ease and calm on Christmas Day.
My fondest memories of growing up definitely involve many a Christmas time <3!!

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