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Hi Petals,

If like me some days I have no idea what I will be doing later on and I don't always have the option of running home to change I try to ensure I am prepared for any situation. As I was reading through Vogue Magazine Online I came across a great article about 1 outfit lasting all day and I had to share some of their tips with you too. So to make sure you are suitable for any event and well prepared for unexpected lunch dates, dinner dates or an after dark catch up with friends I have one staple piece in my wardrobe I can always count on.

In one word Maxi Dress!!
Printed Maxi Dresses are such a great, adaptable staple piece every girl should have in her wardrobe. I never used to be a fan of them - I'm not a big dress girl - but maxis are one of my BFFs in the summer months for the simple reason you can wear them all day. They are lovely and cool during the day however they are long enough to provide some comfort from any chills in the air after the sun goes down. So here are a few tips for making a maxi dress last all day.


For daytime wear pair your maxi with some gladiator sandals, flip flops or a pair of edgy boots, depending on what you are doing in the morning. Team this with a large tote bag, which works as a beach bag too, whilst still having plenty of room for any little extras if you know you can't get home if your plans suddenly change.


For night-time wear try some pointed toe pumps and some over-sized earrings and bracelets. A little three quarter sleeved blazer is super cute - and one of my favourite looks - for at night to dress it up a little and it helps for the cool breeze. Your tote bag from the morning also works as a handbag for night, where you can pop any items you have had to change.

Pop a pair of pumps, a makeup bag with makeup and travel size toiletries, a bag with some fav jewellery picks, and any hair pieces you use to change your hairstyle in your tote. This will ensure you are prepared for any situation that may arise unexpectedly.

I use these tips myself all the time especially if my day isn't totally planned out and I don't know what I will be doing.

[Source: Vogue Online]

What staple pieces can you not live without for an all day outfit? Would you be interested in seeing any more posts like this? Let me know below!

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