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Hi My Loves,

The amount of New Year New Me posts are ridiculous and I am definitely not jumping on that bandwagon. However ...

I have decided that this year I want to get fitter, healthier and just take better care of myself in general so I felt this TAG was quite fitting to the occasion.


Name 3 things you did in 2013 that you're proud of

I finally Graduated from University after four long years with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, Criminology and Justice!
✈︎ Scott and I finally got to travel around Europe (we did a Topdeck and met the most wonderful people). I would do it again in a heartbeat. ✈︎ 
Scott asked me to marry him in Paris - I couldn't have picked a more beautiful place -. ๐Ÿ’

Name 1 thing you wish you'd have done differently

I am actually happy with how everything had panned out over 2013 and there is nothing I wished I would have done differently to be honest. I try to not have any regrets because at the time it was exactly what I wanted. I think because I accomplished so much this year the things that I may have wanted to change are so insignificant that I can't remember them.

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What was your biggest highlight of 2013?

Definitely, definitely 100% would have to be Scott proposing at the Eiffel Tower - somewhere I had wanted to visit since I was a little girl -. So romantic and just like a real life fairytale!!

He definitely surprised me ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

What was your favorite beauty product of 2013?

I think I would have to say my Sleek MakeUp i-Divine palette in Au Naturel
I found myself reaching for this little baby quite a lot over the year and I just love it. The eyeshadows are super pigmented and you can do so many looks with it from everyday to super dramatic. I also love how thin and easily transportable the palette is - a definite thumbs up in my book -, however the material is that material that dirt just clings to and after a week it looks a year old. Not that, that bothers me too much I just take a makeup wipe over the case and it's sorted :).

What was your least favourite beauty product of 2013?

For this I would have to say my Face of Australia Liquid Eyeliner in black. This product does not stay on for long and I find it flakes really easy. I do still use it if I only require makeup for a short period of time. I would not put this on before heading out for a night, but for running to the shops or whatnot it does the job. I will continue to use this product until I finish it, however I do not see me repurchasing it.  

Who do you want to thank for being amazing in 2013?

I would have to thank my Scott for being so amazing throughout  the year of 2013. 
He has stuck by me through thick and thin and handled my mood swings throughout my university degree - that in itself says enough -! He was there at my Graduation and even offered me his shoes on the walk back to the station because my feet were killing me - but "vanity feels no pain" -.
He managed to survive sharing a tent with me for 30 odd days with no complaints - this also included walking me to the tent ground bathrooms numerous times throughout the night as he refused to let me go alone - whilst we were touring. 
He received a promotion at work and I am so proud of him for doing such a good job, the amount of overtime he does daily whilst working 6 days a week to speed up our savings for our house and wedding is ridiculous. He is just wonderful!
Thanks baby I love you millions and millions and much ❤︎ xx!!


What are the makeup/beauty resolutions you have for this year?

I am trying to focus on applying a lip liner - I never do it!! - every time I wear lipstick and I would really like to try a few more primers and use them more often.
Another massive resolution of mine is to start taking good care of my skin. I am playing around with some skincare products at the moment and as soon as I find a routine I am happy with I shall definitely let you know.

What are the fashion resolutions you have for this year?

I am hoping to start getting more wear out of some of my shoes. I tend to gravitate towards the same shoes all the time - the are just comfy - but I really would like to venture outside of my comfort zone and wear some shoes that seem to be chilling ever so quietly in the depths of my wardrobe.

What are your personal resolutions for this year?

As I am getting married next year - week -!! I am trying to focus on clean eating and healthy living - any tips would be absolutely fantastic -. I have been experimenting with different juice recipes and what not and I am scouring for simple, quick and easy healthy recipes. As mentioned above another massive personal resolution is to take care of my skin - not only for my wedding but just for me too -.

Name 1 thing you want to check off your bucket list this year

This year Scott and I are both hoping to be checking of our first house together this year. We have already started looking at houses which is quite exciting. 

I tag all of you reading this post to do your own. Make sure to comment below the link so I can have a squiz at your resolutions for 2014!!

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