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Hi My Loves,

For those of you out there, like me, love a freshly painted manicure then this one's for you. I love glitter, it's lovely but applying it to my nails is something I absolutely dread.

Sally Hansen Gem Crush Polish in Be-Jewelled
[Source: Priceline]
Glitter polish is one of those things that is just the bain of your life when it comes time to remove it, but fear no more, there is a quick and easy solution and you only need to add in one step no need for changing the way you would apply your polish. It's "all about that base bout that base bout that base".

I use my own peel off base coat whenever I use glitter polish and it is super easy to make. All you need is PVA glue.

What to do:

  • Apply the PVA glue to your nails and allow it to completely dry (it is completely dry when it goes matte). 
    • When doing this apply the glue a little further from the cuticle and sidewall of the nail than normal - this will help your mani last longer.
  • Apply a base coat to prevent staining as the glue itself is not enough).
  • Apply your glitter polish and top with a top coat.


When you are ready to remove your polish grab an orange stick, loosen the edges and literally peel it off!

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