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The Profiler (2014)
by Chris Taylor 

Title, Date & Author: The Profiler (2014) by Chris Taylor
Series: The Munro Family Series Book #1
Published: 2014
Form: e-Book

The Profiller is the first novel in the Munro Family series by Chris Taylor. I was initially drawn to this book purely by the title. I studied a Double Major in Psychology, Criminology & Justice and profiling is something I fell in love with hence my immediate interest in this particular novel.

A serial killer is on the hunt in Sydney, Australia intent on carving up young women whilst they are still alive. Detective Ellie Cooper's precinct has had no luck in uncovering any leads and in an act of desperation calls in the Australian Federal Police (AFP). In The Profiler, we follow the story of Clayton Munro and Ellie Cooper.

Federal Agent Clayton Munro, a Criminal Profiler dealing with the emotional struggles of raising his Daughter Olivia alone, the loss of a newborn baby and the loss of his wife to suicide teams up with Detective Ellie Cooper, left by her fiancé at the altar whilst pregnant so he could chase his dream of being in the AFP and the fatal hit and run accident of her 2 year old son Jamie.

When Ellie learns she is to be partnered with a Fed she is not a bit happy about it, but what else can she do? This psychopath needs to be stopped.

Ellie and Clayton have suffered major trauma in their life and have never allowed themselves to grieve or heal. The Profiler follows the tale of Ellie and Clayton in their task to find and contain the psychopathic killer carving up the women of Sydney whilst dealing with their emotional trauma.

This book was a fantastic read, written well and I thoroughly enjoyed it from cover to cover. I loved the storyline and Chris' writing style was fantastic. The Profiler was written with such great detail and I felt I was truly in Sydney with Ellie and Clayton from the moment I picked up this novel until the second I put it down. Chris got my adrenaline pumping and my heart racing numerous times throughout the novel and I could really feel the emotions coming to life for Ellie and Clayton as they uncovered feelings for each other and allowed themselves to heal and recover whilst finally finding happiness again.

I love thriller novels and I found the mix of crime and romance throughout The Profiler quite a nice change to the constant depression and misery usually found in thriller crime novels. I am most definitely looking forward to reading the rest of the books throughout the Munro series.

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