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"Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style."
- Billy Baldwin


Let's be real here. I had never even heard of SNS before the other week - I know I must have been living under a rock. So I am slightly late on this bandwagon but you know what they say "better late than never".
I initially heard about SNS when a girl I work with had her nails done and I thought they looked fantastic. So the other week when I was out I decided to have them done just to see if they ere as good as everyone was saying. I had them done at a little salon quite local to me called Fashion Nails and the process didn't take too long at all, at most 20 minutes and I'm talking I was in, dipped, dried and left in those 20 minutes. I have been ever so impressed with the application. It has been just shy of three weeks of application and they look just as good as they did when I initially walked out of the salon (minus the grow-out of course). These have seriously held up extremely well against the elements. If I had applied a normal polish to my nails I would have most definitely re-applied about five or six times by now but not with this polish. There is not one single chip, crack, scratch or mark. They are still beautiful and shiny and my nails are at a nice, natural length and they feel super strong. My nails are not bending and, touch wood, not one nail has ripped.
I will beyond a doubt be having SNS re-applied to my nails after the wedding. I am just so shocked that my natural nails have stayed this length without snapping or bending so if this is what it takes for me to have beautifully painted and well presented nails then so be it.

I purchased the Ren Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Gel on the recommendation of one of the girls at Mecca when I asked for something moisturising but that was ok for sensitive skin and I am so glad I asked her. I love this stuff.
It is ever so slightly rose scented, which is lovely. I am not a huge fan of overpowering scents be slathered all over my face and I feel that highly scented products can really aggravate my skin.
With this cleanser being of a gel consistency it is extremely hydrating on this skin and it never leaves my face feeling tight and uncomfortable. As an added bonus this cleanser is detergent, soap and sulphate free hence the non-stripping effect it has on the skin definitely something I look for in a cleanser. I use this product every night before bed and I just feel it makes such a huge difference to how my face feels when I wake up the next morning. I can definitely tell if I haven't used it the night before. I will undoubtedly be re-purcahsing this product when I run out. My skin just feels subtle, soft and highly moisturised after washing my face with this. Definitely a favourite of the month.

I have been finding myself reaching for these shadows ever so frequently lately so I thought that justified a mention this month.
MUG eyeshadows have been raved about so much on the internet and it is no wonder. MUG eyeshadows are so insanely pigmented, a little really does go a long way. They are so easy to blend that you can literally uff out any mistakes but they are pigmented enough that you can build them up to however intense you would like. MUG shadows are buttery and blend seamlessly, definitely great for anyone at any stage in makeup. Whether you are just staring out in makeup or if you are a qualified makeup artist MUG shadows should be a staple in everyone's collection. I love every single shade I have but I have been loving using Shimma Shimma, a beautiful metallic champagne colour for highlighting and an all over lid colour as well as Unexpected, a stunning muted pinky brown of late.
I will most definitely be picking up many more colours from the MUG website for sure. These are amazing quality and for the price I don't see you getting much better.

I have been adoring this lip colour combo at the moment. It is my go to for nearly every makeup look I do. It is the perfect my lips but better colour for me and I think it is absolutely perfect.
Both pencil and lipstick glide on the lips effortlessly without any pulling and I the fact that M.A.C lipsticks smell just like vanilla biscuits is just an added bonus.
Snob, is a beautiful light pinky nude with a satin finish and was my very first purchase from M.A.C as I thought I would stick to something that I knew I would get a lot of use out of and I don't think I could have made a better decision. I don't wear too many pinks if I am honest and sometimes I think this shade can be slightly to pink for me but I love it nonetheless. This shade is beautiful to apply onto a bare face to add a pop of colour or to finish off a look. I love to wear this especially when I have done a purple eyeshadow look, it just compliments it so beautifully. An all-round great shade that I will definitely repurchase.

Ironically, Soar was my first lip liner from M.A.C also and I had originally bought it to pair with M.A.C's Brave lipstick but it goes absolutely hand-in-hand with Snob.  Soar is a mid-tone pink nude with what looks like brown undertones but it compliments Snob beautifully. It deepens the pink in Snob making it super wearable for me. I alway pair this combo together and the compliments I get astound me.
Definitely a huge thumbs up from me this month - this lip combination gives me life.

A must have Spring fragrance for me.
I had been lusting over this fragrance since I first smelt it a few weeks ago and when I saw it had gone on sale I took the plunge and picked it up here the other day when I was out and I have wore it every day since. It does not seem to matter when or where I wear it, every time I have it on people always make comment and ask me what it is I am wearing?
This fragrance is comprised of the most beautiful notes with;
Base notes of cashmere woods, ambrox and musk
Middle notes of peony, peach blossom and neroli alongside
top notes of lychee and quince sorbet
This is just a beautiful spring summer scent to me. It is florally but without being in your face florally, with subtle notes of muskiness, which I actually really like in a fragrance. It oozes sexiness and femininity to me and I absolutely adore it.


I first purchased the Revitanail Hand & Nail Cream when a dear friend of mine recommended it to me. She said it was fantastic for strengthening the nails so I thought it couldn't hurt to try it out. My nails are very weak and they just snap and peel and do everything they shouldn't do so I decided to give this cream a go to try and not only strengthen my nails but to pump some much needed moisture back into my hands and let me tell you, I did not expect to love this cream as much as I have.
I have never taken great care of my hands due to the fact I could never get my nails to a state that I was happy with and I really think that nails finish off your hand so without one what was the point in the other? So when I decided to give this a go I was definitely in awe of how well it helped my nails.
I love the fact that this cream sinks into the skin super quickly, leaves your hands smelling divine and feeling like a baby's bottom.
I use this as often as I can throughout the day but I am always sure to apply it as soon as I wake up in the morning and just before I jump into bed. I usually have a different hand cream in my bag, a more travel friendly option if you will, as this cream is quite large to carry around in your handbag all the time - well for me it is -. Since I have started using this I have definitely noticed a difference in the strength of my nails. They are undoubtedly stronger but not as strong as I would like them to be hence why I went and had the SNS I spoke about before done.


The absolutely stunning Billie Large Tote from Kate Hill is one of my more recent purchases and I am definitely so glad I bought it!. 
Black, structured handbags have always called out to me. They just seem to have this air of sophistication and professionalism surrounding them. The Billie Large Tote has one main zip area containing 1 side zip pocket and two side slip pockets, perfect for those items you need to be easily accessible like your phone. This handbag is constructed of black faux, textured leather and has beautiful gold toned hardware with the signature Kate Hill satin lining. Don't get me wrong this handbag is very plain to look at, however I like to think of it more as simplistically beautiful with a width of 43cm, height of 33cm, depth of 15 cm and a 27cm handle drop it is just a perfect size for me for everyday use. It fits everything I need to have on me on a daily basis perfectly, with room to spare for some cheeky extras.

I had lusted over Michael Kors watches for the longest time and had always never been able to justify purchasing one. I never used to be a big watch fan so I didn't want to invest in a piece that I might not get much wear out of. I originally had my eye on the gold with white but one Christmas my Mum had surprised me with this beauty and I'm telling you it has probably been the best investment my Mum has ever made. I am so glad Mum chose this one.
I tend to take quite bad allergic reactions to the steel in most watches, my Guess watch included (I am actually bummed about it) and I can only wear them for a few days before I start to get itchy and sore. However when I started wearing this bad boy ... NOTHING. Yes nothing I wear it every single day, whether it be to work or if I'm heading out for a night, and I have never once had any adverse reactions to it. For that reason exactly this piece is literally never off my wrist and I feel naked if I don't have it on.
I don't own a lot of rose gold pieces because I thought it just wouldn't match my skin tone but this definitely does. I feel like this is such a beautiful and universal piece that you can wear it with absolutely anything. Another thing I love about this piece is that it doesn't seem to matter that I have worn this watch for nearly two years solid it looks like I have just taken it out of the box.
If you are interested in this piece you are still able to purchase it from the Michael Kors website here. I highly recommend Michael Kors if you are wanting to invest in a good quality watch without going too ridiculously expensive. Michael Kors watches are sturdy, reliable, sophisticated and stylish all at the same time and I love the chunkiness of many of his pieces.

Living somewhere such as Australia sunglasses are a must all-year round. In saying that regardless of what country you live in and how much sun you see each day sunglasses are always a good idea UV rays are always out there whether it is overly sunny or not. I had never been a big sunglasses fan until about two years ago when my mum bought me a pair of sunglasses for my Christmas, I fell in love with them immediately, and they became my everyday sunglasses. I had never had sunglasses with colour in them before so having that slight red tinge I think is what made me initially consider a colour other than plain black. The only thing I need to have with my sunglasses is a dark lens.
When I saw the cat-eye trend I knew I had to get on to that, they are such a beautiful style and I had been in the market for a while to pick some up but could never find a pair I loved. I loved that the Tory Burch cat-eyes were wide enough at the top and came low enough down my cheek without having an over fat frame. I know I am very fussy. I purchased these beauties whilst on sale at the Sunglass Hut but they don't seem to be available from them anymore, however I know you can get them through the Tory Burch website here.

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