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"The way to know life is to love many things."
- Vincent Van Gogh
Music is something I have always loved. I love how I can instantly change my whole perspective on something just by turning on my iPod. 
 I enjoy most genres of music and I love exploring and finding new songs I have never heard before, whether they be new releases or golden oldies, music is just something I could not live without.
So when I initially heard this song on the radio I could not believe it when the host said it was the new Selena Gomez song. I would have never thought when listening to it with the sexy and seductive vibe it emanates and I have been obsessed with it ever since. 
The Selena Gomez (Ft. A$AP Rocky) song 'Good For You' available here from iTunes has been on repeat for the last couple of weeks if I am honest, I just can not get enough of this track. It has been played in my house that often that even Scott knows the words. 

Scott and I have recently started watching Prison Break, starring Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller (created by Paul Scheuring) ... yet again.
I may be slightly addicted considering this will be my third time watching the series from scratch but I love it and rumour has it that Paul Scheuring has announced an upcoming new season, which I am definitely most excited about. 
For those of you who are unaware, Prison Break is a series about Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) who is wrongfully convicted for the murder of the Vice President's brother and is placed on Death Row awaiting execution.
With Lincoln's impeding execution his younger brother Michael Schofield (Wentworth Miller) commits armed robbery in order to be placed in the same prison as his wrongfully convicted brother with an elaborate plan to break him and his brother out of prison and prove his brother's innocence once and for all. But will his ingenious plan be enough to prove a man's innocence?
Definitely a must watch. Prison Break will have you on the edge of your seats.

I have only recently found Victoria and I am literally obsessed. If you have not already been onto Inthefrow or Victoria's YouTube channel and you love your beauty and fashion I would highly suggest going and having a peek. You will not be disappointed.
I have been really enjoying reading Victoria's blog posts on Inthefrow. She writes in the most beautiful manner and her style is stylish, sophisticated, chic and classy all at the same time. She has the most beautiful fashion style and the personality to match. If you have not already checked her page out you should definitely get onto having a look.

Smell is the one sense that is the most emotionally involved.
It has been shown that smell can trigger memories from any point throughout someone's life. How amazing is that? Just from a whiff of a perfume or a home cooked meal your best memories can come flooding back!.
 I think having a candle burning makes any house feel more like a home if I'm honest. I think they just add that little something special and for me, nothing beats being able to create any kind of atmosphere I like through scent.
My favourite candle of the moment has undoubtedly been the Scentsia Jaipur Amber Sandalwood Triple Scented Soy Candle available from Spotlight. They are so beautifully fragranced and they last for ever. I have been burning this candle all through the winter months due to it's stunning oriental scents. In saying this I love anything amber and sandalwood any day of the year so when I initially smelt this candle it just had to come home with me.
I did actually go back to the store and pick up another three just in case because, well ... you never know.
I did jump on to the Scentsia website and unfortunately you cannot buy online yet, however for all of my Australian beauties they are available in Spotlight.

This has been my go to snack for the last week or so now, especially for when Scott and I are just chilling out watching a movie, or Prison Break for that matter, and we have both been absolutely loving them.
This is definitely a no brainer for me. I have been loving crackers and dip for when I am slightly peckish but not hungry enough to sit down and eat a full meal. Lately I have been loving eating the Peckish Rice Crackers in Salt & Vinegar or the Coles Home Brand Seaweed Rice Crackers alongside the Black Swan French Onion dip.

This picture, undoubtedly has been my favourite thing to look at this month. I have recently started teaching myself about the elements of photography. So early one morning I took my Dad's Canon EOS 1000D with an EF-S 18-55mm lens and headed into my back garden and this little monkey followed. 
Turbo is my little brother's youngest baby and when she is down at ours she is my wee shadow, I can't get moving for her. But just look at that face she melts my heart. Full of mischief but I love this little lady to death.
I am not great with a camera and it usually takes me ages to get exactly what I want in a picture but this one was just perfect. I didn't know I was going to love it as much as I do when I looked at in on the viewfinder, but after plugging it into my Mac and having a proper look on a decent sized screen I fell in love.
To me this photo exudes peace and tranquillity, captures Turbo's inner self. Stillness is not an attribute this little lady possesses so to capture something that almost shows her deep in thought and calm is beauty in itself. When I look at this I feel an overwhelming sense of love and calmness. She looks so deep in thought and the stillness of the frame is just dreamy to me.

I live on my phone and I am constantly in search for new apps that I can use on the go and kill time with, so when I heard an advertisement for Guvera I just knew I had to download it.

I have been using the Guvera Music app religiously for the last month or so now. I love how easy it is to find any song you like and have it easily accessible thereafter.
I have Guvera running for most of the day; when I'm getting ready for work, doing my makeup, driving or just chilling having some drinks at home. It is super easy to navigate and you can create your own playlists. I love the fact you can follow other people's playlists and discover new music or even listen to songs you would not have thought to listen to before. I have discovered many a new song through this app. So if like me you love your music I would highly recommend downloading Guvera Music.

- Selena Gomez(Ft. A$AP Rocky) Good For You Single available on iTunes
- Guvera Music App available on iTunes

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