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"If life gives you lemons. Make some kind of fruity juice"
- Conan O'Brien
I love trying out new recipes and what not in the kitchen and juicing is no exception. 
I am not a fan of green juices, however I am trying continuously to find a green juice that I actually don't mind drinking - so if you have any green juices that you are in love with leave a comment down below letting me know :).
When scrolling through juice recipes I came across this one and I had to give it a go. I love plums and apples so this juice obviously caught my attention straight away.
All you need for this juice is;
3 green apples
3 plums
2 carrots
it really is that easy.
I peeled my carrots, removed the seeds from my plums and cored by apples. Then all I did was give them a blitz up in my Eurolab juicer. It only took a minute or so and the juice was ready to drink. 
I like my fruit juices cold so I just added a couple of ice cubes and it was good to go. 
This is one of my all time favourite juices if I feel like something sweet. It is however extremely sweet and I can never manage to finish a full glass of this but I love it none the less.

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