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If, like me, you are a bit of a beauty fanatic then this is probably no new term to you. However, if also like me, it is something I have avoided looking into too much, it is definitely something you need to be aware of.

This is a topic I have always tried to avoid and not to look into it too much. However my foundations are running a wee bit low and I am in the market for a new one so I really wanted to get a better understanding of skin undertones for the sole purpose of foundation matching, alongside wearing appropriate clothing colours to make me look brighter and healthier - a little tip for you -.

This concept can be rather confusing as we are not looking at surface tones, which are much easier to determine. Surface tones are the colour you would describe for yourself and these can change. For me I would be classed as having ivory surface tones. When someone is talking about undertones they are referring to the colour beneath your skin when in natural lighting, such as sunlight. Please do not use artificial or fluorescent lighting when trying to determine your undertone. Undertones unlike surface tones, do not change.

When looking at skin undertones you will have either warm, cool or neutral undertones, which are broken down like so:

Cool Undertones are pinks, reds or blue
Warm Undertones are yellow, peach, golden
Neutral Undertones are a mix of both cool and warm undertones

Warm & Cool Colour Chart
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There are a number of ways you can determine your undertone and by following these next few steps you will be a pro in no time:

1. Do a Vein Check
Look at the veins on the inside of your wrist in natural lighting. If your veins look more blue this means you are more likely to have cool undertones. If on the other hand your veins pass a more green hue you are likely to have more warm undertones. For those warm toned please note: this does not mean your veins are green, what you are seeing is a normal blue vein through a yellow hued skin giving of a green look - basic colour mixing stuff here :).

2. Try on Some Jewellery
I personally do not recommend this method as I can pull of both metals however I am cool toned. Think of whether you pull off gold or silver jewellery better. This is not referring to which metal you prefer, this is meaning which one looks better on your skin. Silver is usually more flattering to those of you with cool undertones whilst gold is more flattering for warm undertones. 

3. Neutral Testing
Have a think about which neutral tones flatter your skin more. Do bright whites, black and ivory flatter you more or off-whites, browns and tans. If you fall in the former category this is an indication of having cool tones with the later indicating you have warm undertones.

4. Eye and Hair Colour
Your natural eye and hair colours can also help determine your undertones. Usually cool undertones have blue, grey or green eyes with blond/e, brown or black hair with blue, silver or ash undertones. Warm toned individuals usually have brown or hazel eyes with strawberry blond/e, red, brown or black hair with gold, red or orange or yellow undertones.

5. Look at Your Skin When You're in the Sun
When in the sun does your skin turn a golden brown or burn and go pink first. If your skin tans easily you are most likely warm toned. However if you are in the later category and like me burn quite easily you most probably have cool undertones.

6. Clothing Colour Test
Certain colours will obviously flatter your skin tone more regardless of undertones. Warm toned individuals should wear more yellow, orange, brown, ivory and warmer reds with the cool toned individuals leaning towards blue, green, pink, purple and blue-based reds.

Colours That Will Look Best
[Source] B3: Beauty Blog
Is there another tip that I have forgot to mention? Let me know in the comments below!

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